IM 22 Fiasco

Just finished watching NCIS (I DVR it). The quote, “If you are going through hell, keep on going” from Dr. Mallard, a very wise man., hit me…I like it.

So where am I going with this? This whole IM 22 fiasco is sad, just plain sad. To start, I voted against Initiated Measure 22 for various reasons. I was surprised it passed, but realize that the people have spoken; they were not hoodwinked; South Dakotans are a smart people.

With that being said, the methods being used to repeal it are beyond the scope of dignity; our legislature is better than that.

The bill was pushed to committee with a speed never seen in Pierre; the committee was run by Representatives who have skin in the game–they are part of the lawsuit testing the constitutionality of the measure. If it’s repealed, they will have no more legal bills.

I can only imagine the lobbying that went on by the sponsors of the bill (I’ve heard them all): If you want to be elected in 2018, if you want your bill passed, etc..It happens.

It’s not a good bill, but let’s be professional, honest, and open in improving it. South Dakotans want ethics, they want honesty, and they want transparency.

Thank you to those who voted against the repeal and to those who lobbied against the repeal. They may not have like the referred measure, but they surely didn’t like the methods used to repeal it…there is a system, there are procedures, let’s do it right.

Thank you.


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